Education & Training

Education & Training

Sage provides training to all our Volunteers. The training aims equip Sage volunteers with the skills to act confidently in their role.

Training topics include

  • Sage Service and approach to support and advocacy
  • Overview of opportunities and challenges of ageing
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Sage policies and procedures
  • Other knowledge relevant to the Sage role

Sage runs separate programmes for each Sage Representative Role

  • ​Facilitation training (working with a group of residents or patients in a care setting and discusses any issues that may arise with staff) Class Time and on-site training
  • Support Person training (working one-to-one in a support role, such as when someone needs support moving to a nursing home or is currently in an emergency department) class time and on-site training
  • Advocacy training (advocates work one-to-one with someone who requires support through a particular issue(s)) QQI Level 6 minor award

Contact our Recruitment & Information Coordinator, Helen Fitzgerald, for more information