Nursing Homes and Hospitals

Nursing Homes and Hospitals

We provide the following services to support older people who are resident in nursing homes in Ireland:

  • Information and advice to nursing home managers on how residents can access independent support and advocacy services  – this is available by phoning the Information & Advice Line on 1850 71 94 00.
  • A Rapid Response Service where individuals urgently need support an experienced Sage Representative will call to a nursing home within 48 hours also available by calling the Information & Advice Line.
  • Independent facilitators for residents groups who are trained, supported and accountable.
  • Support and advocacy for and on behalf of individual residents from Sage representatives who are trained, supported and accountable.

One of the aims of the Sage service is to promote the right of older people to access an advocacy service regardless of their setting. In order to achieve this aim, Sage has employed four full-time Development Workers who will be focused on four ‘pathfinder’ areas linked to four academic teaching hospitals.

Pathfinder areas have been established in Dublin Cork and Galway and surrounding counties where Sage is providing support and advocacy services for older people in acute hospital settings. This is a pilot programme which will inform the establishment of a wider service in all acute hospitals.

In acute hospital settings Sage representatives can;

  • provide support and advocacy for patients in wards for older people.
  • help with successful transitions from acute hospital care to a patients’ home, discharge unit or to a ‘Step Down’ facility.
  • act to ensure that patient and family wishes/experiences are taken into account by staff and hospital management.
  • ‘Be there’ for unaccompanied older people in Emergency Departments by agreement with clinical staff.

If you are an older person seeking support or you are a staff member of a nursing home or hospital seeking urgent support on behalf of a resident or patient you can call the Sage team on 01 536 7330. Alternatively you can call the Information & Advice line on 1850 71 94 00.