Connect with your grandparents today

Posted on 7th September 2018

Sunday, September 9, 2018 is National Grandparents Day. It is good to have one such day a year, but what about all the other days? Here are 10 ways you can get to know your grandparents more, help them keep healthy and happy in older age, and to benefit from your relationship with them....

  • Get into the habit of giving them a ring. Speak to both your grandmother and grandfather, (not just to Granny!) and stay in touch with both.
  • Help them to upskill in technology if they need to. Or if your grandparent are as proficient as you are on tablets, email and smart phones, use these means also to stay in touch.
  • Visit when you can. Skyping and phoning are great, but nothing beats face-to-face contact.  If you live nearby, drop in regularly. You need not stay long, and it needn’t be a big deal.  You could also let them know in advance, and ask if it suits.
  • Cook them a meal. Your grandparents have probably cooked more meals than you’ve had hot dinners. But if you enjoy cooking, it could be a lovely gesture to prepare something you know they would enjoy, and bring it to them
  • Encourage them to exercise. If you think they’re getting a bit housebound, suggest you take a walk together, and build this in as part of your regular shared time.
  • Talk to your parents about your grandparents. Your parents are probably already aware that their parents are ageing. Ask your parents how you can help and support their role.
  • Help out in their garden. Your grandparents may be finding garden upkeep is getting too much for them. Maybe you could help – mowing the lawn, watering the plans, weeding and cutting back growth could be very much appreciated.
  • Encourage their brain health. Reading, crosswords, card games, puzzles are enjoyable ways to stay mentally agile at any age. Doing the crossword with your grandparent or having a game of cards together is both useful and fun.
  • Confide in them if you have a problem. If your grandparent is a good listener and you trust their common sense, share your problems with them. It will help you grow closer and you could receive some good advice.
  • Tell them about SeniorLine. SeniorLine is open every day of the year 10am to 10pm. If you feel a grandparent is lonely and would like someone to talk to, give them the SeniorLine number 1800 80 45 91. 

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