Corporate Fundraising

Company and Corporate Fundraising

Third Age is in the process of developing a quality information package for potential corporate sponsors of our individual programmes. Our dedicated staff members will work with you to ensure that your business receives all of the public recognition and benefits that it deserves for any contribution to our work. 

Benefits for a sponsor:

  • Title sponsorship of a programme

  • Various packages of advertising space on our website and social media platforms

  • An opportunity to have an information stand at Third Age events and conferences

  • Opportunity for employee engagement and training

Our vision is to have a mutually advantageous partnership between a sponsor and Third Age.  

Ultimately the main recipients will be the older people who are supported and fortified by our services and programmes.

Making a difference:

As a company, you can fund a specific campaign or programme in an area that will be meaningful to your staff and customers. You can choose to make a one-off charitable donation or provide funding over a number of years.  If you give over a number of years, we can plan ahead, helping us achieve sustainable and effective change where we work.

We also gratefully accept one-off donations and are happy to talk to you about our up-coming campaigns that might fit well with your strategic objectives and values.

Third Age will run a number of campaigns throughout the year including:

  • Operation Conversation: September/October

  • Gingerbread Village: December

  • Grandparents Day: January

Depending on your company’s objectives, Third Age can identify potential sponsorship opportunities, aligning our work with your work.

Supporting a charity by corporate donation is treated as a business expense. As such, it is a tax efficient endeavor.

Sharing your company’s expertise:

Does your company have skills or expertise that could help Third Age? Could you donate some of your team’s time and knowledge to facilitate and encourage the social inclusion and engagement of older people? These are other considerations that are very pertinent to the value of corporate sponsorship.

Third Age would be delighted to work with you and are happy to answer any of your queries about our organisation and the programmes we run.

If you would like more information on working with Third Age as a Corporate Partner please contact Ruth Loughan at or phone 046 955 7766.

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