Local Projects

Local Projects

The Way We Were: 



The Way We Were is an intergenerational living history project. The programme involves local older volunteers explaining the uses and significance in Irish and social history of a collection of artefacts.

Gathered, mined and collected over the past number of years, including kind donations from the attics and garages of some of our members. The collection has been added to year on year. The collection includes items from both home and working life from a time gone by. Items in the collection include manual and electronic typewriters, early blow torch, welding equipment, tilly lamps, spinning wheel, dial telephone, bellows, various cooking utensils and equipment, ceramic jars, coins, milk bottles, telescope, weighing scales, washboard, butter churn etc.

This year we recorded our participants explaining the uses of some of the items in the collection. We want them to tell us about the stories about the artefacts, how they were used, where they found them etc.

We will also display the artefacts collection in the Third Age at a later date. This activity will be open to the public and may have to be held outdoors depending on the public health guidelines at that particular time.

Take a look at the full collection of artefacts on the ArtSteps platform 

Alice's AgeWell Joy

Alice's story serves as an inspiration, showcasing the power of a positive mindset and the support systems like AgeWell that enable older individuals to live fulfilling lives. Through the dedication of companions like Eileen, AgeWell continues to make a meaningful difference in the lives of older people, fostering connections and ensuring their well-being


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