The Alliance of Age Sector NGO’s today launches significant report to combat ageism

Posted on 24th January 2023

Third Age, a member of The Alliance of Age Sector NGO’s announces that our 2023 Report ‘Telling It Like It Is; Combatting Ageism,’ sets out why Ireland needs to take ageism seriously and the meaningful actions to counteract it.

Ageism arises people are categorised and divided by age in ways that lead to harm, disadvantage and injustice. Ageism is ever-present and can contribute to a shorter lifespan, diminished mental and physical health, isolation and reduced quality of life.

In welcoming this important report, Aine Brady, Third Age CEO says:  ‘The voices and lived experience of older people must be heard by those responsible for policy development and implementation. Now that Covid 19 is being managed, there is a danger that lessons learnt during the pandemic about the negative effects of ageism will be swept aside.  This must not be allowed to happen’.

Ireland is ageing fast, and our economy, health service, communities and families need to adapt. Although many government departments and agencies play a positive role, Ireland still needs a measurable strategy supported by a structured, whole-of-government, cross-departmental approach with senior-level engagement and oversight.

The report proposes nine actions that would reduce the stigma and ill effects associated with ageing. The most pressing is the appointment of an Independent Commissioner for Ageing and Older People. The Alliance believes that this appointment would ensure that the commitment to mainstreaming ageing is kept to the fore of policy and decision-making, and enhanced investment in programmes and services to combat ageism nationally.

The nine actions include:

  • Establishing a Commissioner for Ageing and Older People.

  • Developing a Media Language Guide.

  • Developing a joint Government-Alliance-led awareness campaign.

  • Identifying and revising existing ageist policies and practices to reduce ageism and address age discrimination.

  • Invest in education and training interventions to reduce ageism.

  • Facilitating intergenerational contact interventions.

  • Investing in Data Gathering.

  • Supporting the private sector to develop and implement interventions.

  • Developing the capacity of employees and employers to detect, report, and respond to ageism.

Learn more and download the full report and executive summary

The Alliance represents the collective thinking of seven significant NGOs working in the age sector, uniting their learning from working with the diversity of older people and the issues that older people face.  The seven-member organisations are Active Retirement Ireland, Age & Opportunity, ALONE, The Alzheimer Society of Ireland, Irish Hospice Foundation, The Irish Senior Citizens Parliament and Third Age.

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