Learning new skills at 93

Posted on 10th October 2018

Oliver is 93 years young and in the summer of 2017, he joined the Third Age Digital Skills group in Navan Library. This is his story...

"I was interested for quite awhile in learning about computers and the internet, so in the summer of 2017, I recieved an iPad as part of my newspaper subscription. I decided to look for classes and friend advised me to ask in the local library, so I visited Navan Library and they took my name and address and said they would contact me if there was a class starting. I started digital skills classes late last year in the library in Navan with Yvonne from The Summerhill Third Age Centre. There were five classes and they covered everything from how to Google information, email, Skype and much more. I really enjoyed the classes but found being partially deaf a bit of a challenge because I couldn’t always hear what was going on. However, the classes gave me an appetite for more and I really wanted to progress further with my new found skill. At the class, I met Colette, who was assisting Yvonne. Colette agreed to help me become more proficient with my iPad and since then, we meet regularly. My skills have improved so much that I have since bought a smartphone and am now getting to grips with it. This new world has opened up so many opportunities for me as I now have so much information at my fingertips, am confident with emails, texting, YouTubing and taking photos on my devices. I’d fully recommend the classes as a starting point, if you’re interested in learning all about this new world and as I’m 93years old I'd say you’re never too old, so go for it!"


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