Meet Anne and Trinity...

Posted on 26th October 2016

Anne Dempsey and her grand-daughter Trintity tell us about their special relationship...

Anne on Trinity

My grand-daughter Trinity Alary was born outside Ireland, so I did not see her until she was some weeks old. I still remember holding her in my lap for the very first time as she looked back at me intently and carefully with big brown eyes. She spent her first almost two years in Dublin before moving to West Cork where she still lives. It means that I don’t see her very often, but I feel those very early days when I was able to spend time with her every week established a bond that has never been broken.

I now know the road to West Cork very well, and while I can still become anxious approaching the roundabout before the Jack Lynch Tunnel, this small stress is more than worth it when Trinity and her mother are at journey’s end.

Trinity is now 11. To me she is beautiful in looks, mind and heart. I particularly love the way she can often get to the heart of a problem with a pertinent question or observation. It gives me immense pleasure to see her very loving relationship with her Mom, how well they love, like, know and accept each other.

Trinity adores animals. Sadly, her two first cats, O’Sullivan and Ash were killed on the road. Her heart was broken at O’Sullivan’s death, and when Ash died, she had already learnt something about suffering and mortality. Both pets are buried in the garden with statues, and they are still lovingly remembered. A third cat, Bramble, is now in residence, and while Trinity knows a similar fate might befall, it has not stopped or held her back from loving him.

Trinity is athletic. She plays rugby, is learning horse-riding, is a demon table tennis player, (as I can testify from being at the receiving end of her vicious spins), and a great swimmer. A happy memory this summer is the of three generations – grandmother, mother and daughter – swimming together in a pale blue Atlantic Ocean off Zetland Beach. One of the deepest pleasures of having a grandchild is witnessing the person they become, part of you, and yet their own unique person. Trinity brings me great joy.

Trinity on Anne

I love being a grand-daughter because when my grandma comes over we go swimming every day, and I really really enjoy that, and my grandma always comes up with great games, and my grandma is really really sporty, and she tries loads of energetic games that my Mom wouldn’t!!! I LOVE MY GRANDMA!!!

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