Charity Impact Awards: Have you voted yet?

Posted on 6th November 2017

Third Age are very pleased to announce that SeniorLine has been shortlisted for The Community Impact Awards 2017 
This Award celebrates the work of community and voluntary and charitable organisations, clubs and other non-profit groups that have brought about positive change.
SeniorLine is a peer-to-peer service with trained older volunteers listening to older people, the only such service in Ireland, and one of a very few worldwide.  This peer aspect is particularly valued by callers who tell us they feel understood. Engaging older volunteers to deliver the service supports them to remain in the third active stage of life, offering benefits to the individual, their families and society in general. Our Volunteers believe in SeniorLine, and tell us they derive feelings of worth and self-esteem from being involved. 
SeniorLine is unique in our access to older people, through our ability to speak to them directly at home for up to 12 hours a day, every day of the year. Callers do not need a referral, but choose to talk to us, and are, therefore, open to positive interaction. As a result, Seniorline advocates on behalf of many vulnerable older people.
We need your vote!
Third Age would be delighted if you could vote for SeniorLine - a vote for Seniorline is a vote for older people.  

Cast your vote online for SeniorLine in the Charity Impact Awards. One vote per device and voting closes on December 6.

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