Meet my Grandfather, Gaga Barney

Posted on 24th October 2016

Image of Grace O Sullivan and her grandad

Meet Grace O'Sullivan and her grandad otherwise known as 'Gaga Barney'...

My grandfather represents 94 years of wisdom, strength and resilience. Gaga is a role model on how to live life through good routine and hearty work ethic. He is a self-educated, well-read man and a fountain of knowledge on so many topics. He has an air of pride about himself; seldom seen without a shirt and tie (even on hedge cutting days!). He teaches me to look after things, he teaches me to be brave and appreciate God given gifts. Gaga has an untainted perspective despite weathering some of life’s most intolerable cruelties. My hope is that I can adopt his flexibility of thought, be open to new experiences and accept life’s challenges and victories alike. He’s an empathetic man with an unwavering love for life.

Gaga in a nutshell: Pure energy with a mix of wholesome, golden grit.

I am so lucky to have a Gaga Barney!

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