Navigating Your Work Future – a timely programme

Posted on 10th February 2020

Before embarking on their new programme ‘Navigating Your Work Future’ Third Age conducted a series of interviews with potential participants. These revealed that employment and redundancy can dull even the most optimistic worker, and lead to feelings of reduced self-confidence and self-belief. We have changed the names involved.

Joan was made redundant in 2012 and is currently filling in for someone part-time. She finds job interviews very difficult and feels she constantly undersells herself. Her aim in attending the course is to learn about the changing workplace and how one needs to adapt.

Third Age is offering the course in the context of an ageing Ireland, with the challenges this creates for workers, employers and public policy. The recent pension debate also illustrates that many older people may need to work longer, or wish to work past retirement age, and many employers wish to retain the experience of skills of valued older workers.

Paradoxically, being too senior and too experienced can be a drawback as a job aspirant. This is Bernard’s experience. Made recently redundant, he has been for a number of interviews, but has been told he is over-qualified for the job. ‘I think they may feel I will take a job if offered but will still look out for something better and move on. This is a disincentive for them’, he says.

Another interviewee, Gina, had her own business for a number of years, but lost out in the economic downturn. She has taken part in community employment schemes and says their short duration is frustrating. She feels the sharing and networking available from the Third Age programme will be valuable.

Third Age is promoting the day as one for reflection, information and solidarity for participants. Specifically, it invites people to:

  • Evaluate personal skills and strengths
  • Learn how to apply to best advantage
  • Understand more fully the changing workplace and future trends
  • Identify new opportunities for reskilling, upskilling and lifelong learning
  • Access follow up resources

Gearing the day to those aged 40+ is no accident, and our interviews with older workers indicate a particular need.  Philomena, aged 50 is currently unemployed.  She feels the workplace is quite ageist and it can be difficult for an older person even to achieve an interview.  She is taking time to reassess her situation, and wondering is it too late for a career change – perhaps to something more meaningful.  She hopes the day-long programme will help her assess her strengths, and feels such an initiative geared for older workers is both needed and welcome.

Navigate Your Work Future Hilton Hotel Kilmainham February 25 10am-4pm

Navigate Your Work Future Sheraton Hotel Athlone February 27 10am-4pm

Navigate Your Work Future Metropole Hotel Cork March 10 10am-4pm

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